Code of Practice

Ofgem has yet to formalise a code of practice for the business to business energy sector. However at the time of building this web site the following standards form part of ongoing discussions between the industry and the regulator.

Business Energy Team will actively comply with the standards outlined below until a formalised code of practice is agreed.

Principle Example of TPI Behaviour
A. Honesty You should identify yourself, the services being offered and any organisations you represent (directly and indirectly) clearly at the start of any interaction with a customer and obtain their consent before an marketing
B. Respect You must at all times respect the consumer's wishes and should cease the current contact and avoid future contact if the customer requests.
C. Accuracy You should make the customer aware of how much of the market you searched to obtain the offers you propose to them and ensure all offers are accurately presented.
D. Transparency Before obtaining their agreement to the contract, you should make the customer aware of all principal terms of the energy contract, including the services you provide and how the customer will pay (directly or indirectly) for those services.
E. Customer-focused You should record and investigate all complaints fully and act quickly to put things right when you make a mistake.
F. Professionalism You should ensure staff are adequately trained for dealing with customers and adhere to these principles.


Your consent - Before you provide any data to us we will endeavour to make it clear why we need it.

Disclosure of information to third parties - We do not sell, trade or rent your information for marketing purposes, and will never disclose information about you (including information obtained from our dealings with you) to third parties.