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  • Do you know if you're in a fixed rate contract for your gas or electricity?
  • Do you know when the contract ends?
  • Did you know your energy company will charge a much higher rate if you are not in a contract... as much as 50% more and you may not even know it!

Business Energy Team is an independent consultancy that is highly skilled in sourcing cheaper energy prices for its customers. We can prevent the energy companies from putting your prices up with our Free reminder service.

We are specialists in energy procurement for Church buildings, charities and community support halls.

Our aim is save you time and money and we voluntarily comply with our industry code of practice.

We know you're passionate about helping those in need, and many of the organisations we deal with tell us the less they spend on energy bills the more they can help the poorest in our society. Your hard work and dedication ensures that when people need shelter with warmth, light and food your assistance can meet that need. We too are passionate, passionate about helping you save money on your energy bills in today's high cost energy market.

Time is precious! This means that all too often church and charitable organisations miss their contract end dates. This results in you paying much higher out of contract prices. These can typically up to 50% more than you should be paying and you may not even know it!

So to avoid out of contract prices, give us some basic details on the form below and we will make sure you never pay out of contract prices. Our system will send you prices automatically when you are near to your renewal/contract end date.

Work with us and we'll save you the time and effort of dealing with energy companies so you can focus on what you do best . . .caring.

  • We are paid by the energy company not yourselves
  • We constantly monitor the market, to get the most competitive energy rates
  • Free reminder service, so you avoid auto renewal on to out of contract rates
  • We guarantee to beat any renewal notice (subject to status)
  • Alignment of renewal dates for multiple premise organisations (so all sites renew at the same time)
  • Flexible term contracts
  • Vat and CCL rebates

If you have a fixed term contract with your supplier it is easy to forget to renew or terminate your contract (so you can switch suppliers). Many businesses do not recall having received a letter reminding them of their renewal date/s. This means your church or charity could end up in a variable out of contract rate at vastly increased prices without you even knowing about it . . . .don't let this happen to you, use our Free reminder service,.

Complete the form with your details in order to be reminded of your energy supply renewal date before you are automatically rolled into a contract at higher prices.

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