• We constantly monitor the entire market for the most competitive gas and electricity rates
We do this by working with all the major energy suppliers. This means we can inform you which is the best supplier for your company's needs. We also use our own price comparison system which allows us to present you with the top three prices available at that time.

Ultimately this means you no longer have to spend your valuable time trying to make sense of a bewildering array of tariffs. Let the Business Energy Team do all the hard work for you so you can cancentrate on running your business.

• Switch suppliers
We have direct links to all the energy suppliers and can monitor the progress as you switch from your existing to your new supplier. This will ensure a smooth, trouble free move to your new supplier.

• Renewals
Instinctively the big six suppliers want to renew your contract on their renewal tariffs unless you contact them up to 120 days prior to the renewal of your contract. They anticipate that many customers will be too busy to arrange a new renewal price or to terminate the contract in order to find a new supplier. If this is the case then they will roll your contract in to variable rates, these will be much higher than your present rates. Clearly this has the potential to cause you significant problems with your own financial and business planning.

Business Energy Team will use our reminder system to start making contact with you at around 130 days in advance of your renewal date. This process will continue by several methods, telephone, email and by post to ensure that you don't incur avoidable costs.

We will guarantee to obtain a renewal and switch prices for each site/and or meter. This means that you will have all the necessary information and prices at exactly the right moment to maximise the best rates for your organisation.

• Free reminder service
If you have a fixed term contract with your supplier it is easy to forget to renew or terminate your contract (so you can switch suppliers). Many businesses do not recall having received renewal notifications. This means your business could end up in a variable rate contract at vastly increased Prices. Without knowing about it . . . .don't let this happen to you!

Avoid this with our free reminder service, complete the form with your details in order to be reminded of your energy supply renewal date before you are automatically rolled into a contract at higher prices.

• We guarantee to beat any renewal notice (subject to status)

• Alignment of renewal dates for multiple premise organisations (so all sites renew at the same time)

• Flexible term contracts
1,2,3 and 4 year contracts are available, occasionally we are able to obtain short contracts such as 3 and 6 months terms.

• Vat and CCL rebates

• Tariff analysis

• Assisting with contractual disputes

• Advice regarding renewable energy